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Avoiding Spam in both your inbox and the customers by Josh Krannawitter - Senior Designer
July 10, 2006, 2:14 pm
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OK, we seem to be having a spam issue (I myself started receiving spam in my inbox a few weeks ago which is a first on my LogicMaze Acct). So let’s address a way to avoid some spam for ourselves and our clients. Spammers have alot of different tricks to gathering e-mail addresses and I can’t claim I have the method to reduce all spam. Obviously, not putting your e-mail address anywhere on the web is a solid method, but that’s not something we can do for ourselves and customers. You need to understand that most spammers do not actually surf the web themselves copying and pasting e-mail addresses they find on web pages. It is a more automated process similar to search spiders. The program follows links site to site and scours the code looking for an email format: name@name.com. So if we avoid that format in our code we can trick the spiders into not identifying e-mails. Here’s what you need: http://www.primeshop.com/html/jump3b.htm . There you will find an ASCII reference chart that is not only good for this purpose, but also for inserting all kinds of symbols into webpages. Simply find the character you wish to have displayed on the page and then look under the HTML column to find the code needed to generate the symbol on the webpage. OK, I tried to put it in here, but the blog will not allow me to show the code. At some point when the code is rendered for the blog it converts it to the appropriate symbols. So follow these instructions to see this work: 1) Open your HTML editor of choice. 2) Open the webpage I gave you earlier. 3) In your code editor replace the “@” and the “.” of an address with the appropriate HTML code for that symbol. Basically #64 and #46, respectively, preceded with an “&” and followed by a “;”. 4) check you webpage and you will see a valid e-mail address. Note that this does work in a link format mailto:john(codeinsteadofsymbol)website(codeinsteadofsymbol)com . However, I am not sure if it works with submitting forms, so we may need to test this and comment later to this post. Not much we can do about spam that is already coming, but this could eliminate alot of future spam.


Email setup tp prevent spam. by Cody
July 10, 2006, 1:30 pm
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This is not my dept. and I will sound like an idiot but….

I know there is a certain way to setup up email links on websites so the spam spiders can’t access them!! Are we ALL doing this and does everyone (Designers) know how to do this???? Maybe a quick explanation of how to do it and maybe there is more than one way to get it done??? Maybe a waste of time if everyone is already doing it but I am getting alot of spam complaints from current clients!


Cool by Josh Krannawitter - Senior Designer
July 7, 2006, 5:03 pm
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I like the categories, thats nifty! I especially like that one post can be assigned to multiple categories. What we need to do is slowly create categories to the different aspects of our field. I went ahead and put in a Flash category with a subcategory for actionscript. I’m sure I will make good use of those. Everyone have a good weekend!

Here it is !!!! by Cody
July 7, 2006, 4:42 pm
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Lets try this and see what happens! i am actually finding I like it alot better than blogger!